WorkFusion RPA Express

WorkFusion’s RPA Express is a “free” RPA platform, touted by the company as an enterprise class platform for RPA.  RPA Express was released late last year.  After experimenting with the product for some time, interacting with WorkFusion’s RPA Express forum, and making contact with the company directly, it is becoming obvious there are a variety of shortcomings related to this offering.

RPA Express is derived from their “flagship” enterprise product SPA.

RPA Express users are not considered “customers” and as such, do not get access to the SPA documentation.  RPA Express documentation is lacking in many areas, especially Control Tower that handles the design and scheduling of business processes.

To WorkFusion, RPA Express is a starter kit that you will want to abandon, then move your scripts to their SPA platform which costs a significant amount of money.

OCR is limited

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is included in RPA Express, but with only entry level capabilities.  There appears to be a 10K page limit and it is not clear when the actual OCR license will expire.  This has prompted me to contact WorkFusion, but was told that they are working on a new release of RPA Express and to work with this beta version.  I never did get an answer about the OCR.

My feeling is that WorkFusion might be having second thoughts about their “free” RPA Express.  It looks like they are now releasing a new version of RPA Express, that has more capabilities, but has limited the functionality to 30 days.  It will supposedly revert back to standard RPA Express capabilities after 30 days.  I’ll be working with this version and keep you posted.

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